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house81Detailed Independent Report.  Following a detailed and often time-consuming inspection that will include a full Pathology with a Forensic analysis, we supply a professional report.  This report will detail:

  • The mechanical and chemical analysis undertaken (including a photographic record)
  • The results, and if works are required
  • A detailed specification, often saving substantial sums otherwise spent on misdiagnosed, inappropriate or unnecessary treatments.
  • Recommendations on the control of dampness in buildings (rising damp, penetrating damp and/or condensation)
  • And if included within our remit, the status and severity of timber decay organisms including:- dry rot, wet rots or woodboring insects.

As consultants’ we do not undertake remedial works and are therefore unable to recommend contractors however, most clients find a general builder is able to follow the specification without referring to “the treaters”.

Be aware of Surveyors who purport to be “Independent”, many of which have commercial links to ‘damp proofers’ or ‘timber treaters’, selling their services by offering to deduct the cost of the Survey from the treatment costs.

Why our clients choose a True Independent:

house121It is quite common for us to find a property with three or four damp proof courses, only to find the problem had nothing to do with ‘Rising Damp’.

  • Latest Diagnostic Equipment
  • Advise on Treatment Costs, Techniques and Health & Safety
  • On-site and Laboratory Analysis of Timber – Masonry – Plaster
  • Investigation and settlement of Guarantee Disputes
  • Feasibility Studies and Project Cost Analysis
  • Preparation of Tenders, Specifications and Work Schedules
  • Supervision of on going contracts
  • Members of the Society of Expert Witnesses
  • No Commercial Affiliation to Treatment Companies
  • Nation-wide Coverage
  • 31 Years Experience of the Remedial Treatment Industry
  • Collation and Assessment of Quotations
  • Members of the Independent Remedial Surveyors Association

Additional services, if required, presented in Time Billing Format.

Collation and assessments of quotations, due diligence, feasibility studies, supervision of contracts, advisory and tender preparation.

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